It is worth noting that the exit of the swim is tricky and is worth viewing before race day.

Drafting on the swim is permitted.

The swim will consist of a 0.5 mile triangular course with a water start. There will not be wave starts, so swimmers are asked to self-seed at the start line.
Water temperatures are expected to be in the low 60’s. Swimmers are encouraged to wear a wetsuit.
There are no award categories for non-wetsuit participates. Official race swim caps will be provided with the race packet and must be worn during the swim. Neoprene swim caps can be worn under the race cap.

The following are not allowed: floatation devices, fins, or gloves.
Volunteers on kayaks and paddle boards will be on the course. Racers may rest by holding onto a kayak or paddle board as long as there is no forward movement. Racers may also rest by standing on the bottom.

Swim Course Description and Guidelines

Swim Preview: Setup full-course 7 days prior to race day (Saturday, June 20th), complete with large buoys. After several hours of having the course available for preview, the buoys will be replaced with smaller buoys and the course will remain in place for the week until race day (small buoys will be replaced with large buoys the morning of the race).

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