Some final details to help make Race Day

as smooth as possible for everyone:

You will either need a State Parks Annual Parking Pass or purchase a one day pass ($7).  There will be envelopes at both the packet pick-ups to make purchasing a one-day pass easier.  Have the envelope all filled out and stuffed with $7 (unless you have an annual pass); there will be an attendant at the fee booth.  Carpooling is encouraged.  When you enter the parking lot, you will want to turn into the lot on the right after the fee booth.  There will be attendants there to help you position your car so that we can fit all our racers, volunteers and fans.  Thanks for your help and understanding with this.

There will most likely be a healthy amount of bugs.  Come prepared.

Body Marking:
You will be checked in on race day and marked (your number drawn on your upper right arm and on your left calf in permanent marker) in the picnic pavilion by the transition area.  Please have this done before 9:30am.

Pre-Race Meeting:
There will a very brief (5 minute) pre-race meeting at 9:30am at the picnic pavilion near the transition area.  Current course conditions and any last-minute reminders will be shared.  This also helps us get everyone out of the water prior to entry before the start (we do a head count before the race).

Transition Area:
We will have bike racks for your bikes (you do NOT need to bring one).  You may want a towel to stand on while you change as the surface is a mixture of grass and gravel.  You may self-select your area: first come, first served.  

You will be given one timing chip and this will act as the baton (a Velcro strap around your ankle).  It must be removed and put on the next participant within the confines of the transition area.  There are no bibs this year, only the timing chip (so there are no numbers for the biker or runner to wear, just the chip and your number marked on your body.

The start will be at 10am.

The water will most likely be about 65° F.  Don’t have a wetsuit yet and want one?  Check out  We need to check in everyone as they enter the water.  Therefore, we are going to require that all racers are out of the water during the pre-race meeting at 9:30am, racers can only enter or exit the water at the start/finish location, and if a racer decides to discontinue the swim that racer needs to check in with a volunteer so we know that they are safe.  After the Pre-Race Meeting, there will be a volunteer at the water to check in swimmers (just a simple tally; you do not need to give your name or number).  The start will be a mass start with everyone in the water.   There is a lot of research that has shown that better (and safer!) races occur when triathletes warm-up in the water prior to the start; please allot some time in your warm-up routine for this.  The swim will be done counter-clockwise so pass the buoys on your left.  We will have some carpet down for the run between the lake and the transition area.

Please preview the bike course; it is a technical course and knowledge will make the bike much more enjoyable.  You will need a bear bell and helmet to compete on the bike.  Being self-sufficient is also important (there are no mechanics being supplied) so at a minimum you should carry a flat repair kit with a pump and know how to use them.  The course will be marked with flagging, lathe, and pin flags.  Keep blue pin flags (blue for bike) to your right throughout the whole bike course.  Slower riders please allow faster riders to pass; this may require pulling over on the single-track portions of the bike. As mentioned in the pre-race emails, there is one section of the course that is new trail.  Many bikers will find it easier to walk the uphill portion of this new trail (near the dump). 

There are two water stations on the run (about mile 1 and mile 3).  The course will be marked with flagging, lathe, and pin flags.  Keep red pin flags (red for run) to your right throughout the whole run course.

The finish area will be near the upper campsites.
Please leave your drones at home and make sure none of your fans bring them either.

Post Race Raffle and Awards Ceremony!
There will be food and drink provided at the end of the race.  Feel free to bring your own and stay and dance to the live band we have this year!

There will be burritos for all racers.  You will need to show your race number (on your arm or calf) in order to get one.  All volunteers and racers will receive a commemorative metal cup which can be filled unlimited times with root beer that was donated from OMR brewing.  

You are allowed to consume alcohol in the State Park but they ask that you conceal it.  Can Koozies will be provided by us to meet this requirement.  If you have to have your dog with you, they need to be on a leash in the parking and camping areas and the leash cannot be longer than 9 feet.  When I asked State Parks what the most commonly cited infraction was they replied swimming off of the ADA dock (in case you are planning for a second swim) or having a fire in inappropriate places (on the island in the lake, for example).   Please represent us well as we would like to continue hosting our event here for many years to come.

Little a temporary tattoo:
This is not mandatory; if you choose to wear one you may place it wherever you wish.
Directions: Peel away the clear plastic layer.  Apply the tattoo’s adhesive side to skin.  Cover with a wet cloth for 10 – 15 seconds.   To remove the tattoo, wipe the skin with baby oil and wipe away with a cloth.

Best of luck on Race Day! 

Details for Race Day!

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