Bike Detail: Bike out of T1

Changes that began in 2018:

1) The UAF Farm does not want us to go through the farm buildings area so the course had to be rerouted around it this year.  We are sad to lose this section of the course but understand their decision.

2) The Matanuska-Susitna Borough has increased the size of their landfill.  In doing so, they took out the one and only trail that connects the Crevasse-Moraine area with the UAF Farm area (which also happens to be a trail on our race course).  This all occurred without anyone informing us and after we were already permitted to use that trail.  Luckily, the borough is working on putting in a new trail.  It will be in place on race day but may be in some pretty rough shape.  It may be a section that some (most?) bikers will want to walk.  They will most likely be working on the trail right up until race day so this is very much a developing trail (and story!).  Be ready for some adventure!  And thanks for your understanding with this.  This new trail area is marked in a red dashed line on the course map.

The bike course will follow the route on the map below in a counter clockwise direction.

The bike course is entirely unpaved. It includes long sections of single track trail of varying width and difficulty, as well as unmaintained double track, and even short sections of maintained dirt road /parking lot. As is to be expected from a mountain bike trail it contains unmarked obstacles including but not limited to roots, rocks, drops, soft trail surfaces and shoulders (mud and/or sand), drops, descents and climbs. Since it is an open course you should expect to see other trail users as well as other racers, both on bikes and on foot.  It is also possible that wildlife could be encountered on the bike course (isn’t Alaska great?!!) We ask that you preview the course if possible, and ride in a manner which takes these risks, variables, and obstacles into account in order to ensure the safety of you, other racers, and other trail users on the course.

Bike Course Previews:  There will be two bike pre-rides with the Bike Director.  The first will be Tuesday, June 9th at 6pm.  The second will be held on Saturday, June 13th at 9am, which will be right before a run preview.  Meet at the parking area immediately to your right after passing the fee booth at Matanuska Lakes State Recreation Area trailhead.

Bike Detail: Bike in to T2

Race reminder:  You will be penalized (up to disqualification) for being out of the transition area without a helmet on while riding your bike.  You will also need to have a bear bell on your bike for this race.  There will be bike racks provided on a first come, first served basis for location (there will be plenty of space for all racers and their bikes).

Bike Course Description

Bike Course on Stava:  

Practice the actual bike course any time on your own!  Here is the link for the course on Stava.  Stava is a free app for your phone.  You can head out to the course anytime to ride the route from Transition Area to the Transition Area!

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